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Accountancy for Sportspersons, Actors & Musicians

Sports & The Arts

Accountancy for sportspersons, actors and musicians

Our enthusiastic and trusted professionals offer a full range of advisory services to both corporate clients and individuals, spanning the fields of sport, acting and music. We will help you spend less time managing your tax and financial affairs, and spend more time being creative.

Our services include:

  • bookkeeping
  • completion of VAT returns
  • completion of tax returns
  • accounts preparation
  • tax planning
  • pension planning

In many cases we find that clients in this sector earn income from a number of countries. One important role we carry out is to communicate with the accountant in the relevant country to ascertain the information required to complete the UK return (or indeed supply information to another accountant in a country where the income and expenses has to be reported).

Our knowledge of various professions ensures that we include claims for all allowable expenses and allowances.

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